Mental game

Would you like to have a bullet proof mental game? I can help you...

Think like a champion
Walk like a champion
Talk like a champion
The posture of a champion
React like a champion
Eat like a champion
Drink like a champion
Have the attitude of a champion
Have the courage of a champion
Play like a champion
Become a champion

Ian Poulter is a great example of just how powerful and successful a great mental attitude can be. I have been fortunate to work with literally the most successful sporting psychologists in golf and sport, and subtly pass on this winning mentality during every lesson. Below is a questionnaire to fuel your thoughts!


(Be as honest and accurate as possible!)

There are so many facets to owning a great mental game. Fortunately you can become ever better in every area. Firstly it is helpful to identify which areas you are already good at and which could be upgraded. Below are just some areas that would be worth thinking about and I can help you with.

1/ Become a champion – How does a champion think, look, react, walk, talk, practice, analyse etc?

2/ How would you describe yourself as a golfer? eg. Never gives up, performs well under pressure, indecisive etc.

3/ Who do you admire most and why. eg. Jonny Wilkinson, Tiger woods, Rory McIlroy.

4/ What are your best characteristics as a person? eg. Loyal, kind etc.

5/What traits would you like to improve? eg. Lazy, negative, low self- esteem etc.

6/ How do you feel when you play? Well balanced, calm etc.

7/ What do you do when you play well? eg. Walk tall, socialise, focused etc.

8/ How do you feel when you play badly? eg. Lack of confidence in your ability, tight etc.

9/ What do you do when you play badly? eg. Complain, slam clubs etc.

10/Do you enjoy competitions. At what level do you feel most comfortable?

11/ Are you conscious of others watching you play and does their opinion influence you on and off the course?

12/ What do you need to do to make you the best player possible?

13/ Are you clear of where you want get to (standard of play) and do you have a plan to achieve this?

14/ What do you base your confidence on, personality, determination, looks, achievements or knowledge etc?

15/ Grade yourself out of ten for your determination, desire and single-mindedness.

16/ Are you a procrastinator or doer?

17/ Have you ever practiced your mental game?

18/ Do you practice visualisation? Do you take time to see yourself winning tournaments and being successful?

19/ What areas of the mental game do you feel could be bettered. For instance the night before a big event, the morning of a big event, when warming up, during play or after if you have not been successful or playing against ( on paper) better players? Areas such as being overly nervous, making a fool of yourself or relishing the opportunity to play?

20/ Are your thoughts before, in-between shots and after helpful or a hindrance – yourself talk before each shot and after the round etc?

21/ Are there certain hole scenarios you find worrying or intimidating?

22/ List your top 5 attributes that you think are necessary to become a successful and consistent tour player?

23/ How certain are you of ultimately being successful and fulfilling your dreams?


  • Ultimately, it is you against YOURSELF – it comes down to how well you know yourself and how well you can control your thoughts and emotions in competition and practice.
  • Your ability, your limitations and the confidence you have in your ability to execute under pressure, and YOU’RE TRUST TO SURRENDER YOURSELF TO TOTAL COMMITMENT.
  • If you thought about everything that could go wrong it gives you no freedom to play or fluency.
  • Ultimately you must have the HEART AND HEAD to play a shot and the COURAGE to EXCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES
  • Except it is a game of UPS and DOWNS – and learn something every time you tee it up.
  • Anger and frustration have no place on the golf course
  • Champions are not weakly swayed by others opinions, they have faith in their plan
  • Great golfers take delight in scoring the very best score possible when not playing well, they have RESILIENCE, show CHARACTER
  • Never complain or make EXCUSES, you are the one who hit it there!
  • Successful players keep COOL in a pressure situation
  • What has happened in the past has no bearing on the future. It is the here and now that counts.
  • If you cannot control yourself you cannot control the golf course
  • Never allow yourself to get down or too high.

I can help you become mentally tough, confident in your own ability and perform and win under pressure.