Without meaning to state the obvious, there are only three things needed to become a great putter – THE ABILITY TO START THE BALL ON YOUR INTENDED LINE – THE CORRECT PACE – THE CORRECT GREEN READ.

Let’s talk a little about green reading to start with. If every green was flat, and the conditions didn’t vary such as the wind strength, firmness and speed of greens, the slope of the green, then green reading would have no value. However the fact is they do, every day and at varying times of the day!  

I call it `seeing the invisible line’, it is there to see if you know what you are looking for! For many years I have been an innovator in `green maps’ and green reading. The best putters like Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods have been doing this for years, I can train you to do the same. Below is a very comprehensive map, but this is unlikely the one for you. However, I have a variety of different levels of green maps, with the basic one (still very effective) taking only a few minutes to draw per green.

The hands of Steve Williams and Tiger Woods – if they use green maps do you not think they might help you?

Jeremy Bennett – Pure Read System

Apart from specialising in the traditional skills and art of green reading I am trained in `Aim Point’ and Aimpoint Express’. I have my own `Pure Read’ system that makes choosing the perfect line almost like cheating!

Using science, technology and a wealth of knowledge I believe it is possible to turn anyone into an excellent putter technically. Creating a style that is be spoked to the individual but still technically sound. My `Powerlines’ training aid ensures it is possible to recreate the exact stance day in day out to maximise consistency and peak performance.

The third ingredient of the equation, pace, becomes almost a formality once you are accurate and confident with your read of the slope and speed of a putt. This combined with good technique allows you to consistently deliver the strike and appropriate speed that is required.