Skill to scoring

Just having good techniques is only one of many tools needed to becoming the player you can be.

Never forget the objective of the game is to go around the course in the fewest strokes!

I work with players of all abilities to develop key skills to enable better scoring, focussing on:

  • Goal Setting
  • Dealing with Pressure
  • How Champions and Winners prepare and think
  • Destiny is not by chance but by choice! It is to be attained, not waited for!
  • Pressure Play on the Range
  • Self-Reflection
  • How to Succeed
  • Being Professional in every area
  • Develop World Class and bullet proof Pre, Post and During Shot Routines

I work with players to achieve good course management:

  • Play attacking golf but never reckless  and never negative, you will win nothing playing safe!
  • Playing the probability (law of averages) not the possibility
  • Playing the correct shot at the correct time, playing the shot your are comfortable in hitting not one that you think other think you should hit!
  • Your current level of course management should be strongly influenced by your current level of skills (shots)
  • You must be adaptable, always assessing, judging and recognising the ever changing conditions.
  • Be patient
  • Be decisive – 5% doubt does not equal 95% success
  • Construct simple, efficient and effective planners/maps that give you the edge on the field

Practicing with Purpose – ROI (return on Investment of Time), maximise your precious time, maximum benefits from minimal practice time.

Zero wastage

I work with players to achieve effective practice:

  • Developing practice schedules on the course
  • Walk-through practice rounds
  • Developing Pressure Play on the range
  • Developing  Putting Challenges/tests
  • Develop shot-shaping techniques
  • General play skills
  • Range check lists
  • Intelligent practice techniques

I work with players to achieve effective tournament play

  • Getting the most out of practice rounds (practice round sheet/check list)
  • Pre- tournament round check list

I undertake effective analysis of play

Arguably the most important skill to ensure you continuously improve and learn from every experience

  • Performance Profile
  • Understand the value of Putts Gained/Strokes Gained

I work with players on Putting- Scientific, Artistic, Drills, Challenges, Tests

  • 8 Point check list
  • Green Reading rules/guidelines
  • Aim Point
  • Aim Point Express
  • Green Maps

How betting can help you become a better player!